” When I am afraid, I will Trust In You.” – {Psalm 56:1-5}

Fear was a reality to David… It is easy to say to someone “trust The Lord.” But what does that mean and how do we do it when the bombardment of the thoughts of fear seek to paralyze us and play cruelly with our emotions. David shows what he did. Let us learn from him and also learn to be able to help others in such time of fierce and cruel attacks of fear on their mind…

David shows us he Contemplates the Character of God. This is imperative to THINK ON TRUTH! It is “Fuel” for his faith he feeds his thought life with truth concerning the character of God

1.- Compassionate – “Be merciful to me, “- (v1). He appeals to Him who is merciful!

2.- Creative Power – “… my God,”-(v1) The word used for “God” is used thirty five times in the first two chapters in Genesis and speaks of Creative Power. The idea of Omnipotence!

3.- Controlling -“…Most High” speaks of “Exalted” while David’s enemies lived as though they were in control, he knew they were not. God is exalted above all, doing as He pleases when He pleases how He pleases!

4.- Companionship -” You.. You…You…” David continually refers to God. He was not alone. His comforting companionship was assuring, strengthening to him

5.- Communicating – God communicated through Creation- Ps 19:1 but directly Through His Unchanging life imparting soul nourishing Word of life! ( v 3)

THE OUTCOME?  Confidence in and praising God! 

David does not deny the fear but in it he shows us what he did and you too can do. He immediately CHOOSES to Contemplate the CHARACTER OF GOD and COMMITTING His trust to Him, and CELEBRATES Him– And as v 4 indicates his fears no longer in charge, seeking to control him! Who or what you are Contemplating will determine who  or what you choose to allow control your thinking and emotions! Choose Him!


Note what he did as you also must do in such times when fear would seek to smother and paralyze you emotionally and spiritually…
A.- CONTEMPLATE  GOD- “Merciful, Powerful, Soverign, Exalted. Present, His Word. “…in God I trust and am not afraid”- (v4).  Contemplation in His character dissolved his fears!

B.- COMMIT – Note his response ,” I will… I will …” His response is to deposit his trust into Him.

C. -CELEBRATE – PRAISE– “… In whose Word I will Praise…” ( v 4). Praise! Praise Him in difficulties for His Mercy , Power, Sovereignty, companionship, His Word…