“Help LORD…”- {Psalm 12:1}.

Two words that are packed full of humility, Faith, and Power. The word, “LORD,” {Yahweh} in the Old Testament, is used to reveal Him as LORD in various aspects.
The LORD is revealed as
The CREATOR -{Ish 45:17}
The PROVIDING ONE- {Gen 22:14}
The SELF- EXISTENT ONE- {Ex 3:13-15}

The UNCHANGING ONE -{Malachi 3;6}
The SOVEREIGN ONE- {Isaiah 45:18}

The word “HELP,” as used in Psalm 121;1 means to run to the aid of someone who needs assistance, who is in distress!The word was used of military help, and is used of Divine Intervention, assistance!{See Psalm 10:1}. It is used in the OT to refer to military assistance such as God’s help in battle (1 Chron 12:18).No one or nothing can hinder His assistance from getting to you!

So, when you pray “HELP LORD,” You are turning to Him as an attitude, and act of faith, and…

  • Faith PLEASES Him {Heb 11:6}.
  • Faith in Him GLORIFIES Him {Rom 4:20-21}.

And when you cry “HELP LORD,” you are asking Him who is more than willing, able, capable, loving, wise enough to assist you in your distress!

  • And who can hinder the LORD, who Is Creator, all powerful who creates from nothing, effortlessly? No one, can thwart Him! He provides as He has pre-vision and makes provision!
  • He is the Self Existing One in need of nothing or no one outside of Himself to inform, sustain, enable Him to exercise His will effortlessly, effectively as He pleases.
  • He is the Covenant keeping, faithful One who has never broken a promise and will not begin to do so now as it would be a violation of His nature.
  • He is the Unchanging One, while all around changes, decays, ages, no change does He know. He is unchanging in His Person, Promises, Power to exercise those promises, Unchanging in His perspective as revealed in His Word. Unchanging!
  • He is Sovereign, the last five letters spell, R-E-I-G-N! He reigns over creation, salvation, eternal destination and every situation! He is Sovereign King, who cannot be toppled, defeated, dethroned, deceived, replaced. The nations are as a drop in the bucket to Him. It is to this One whom you cry out “HELP LORD!”

Two words, one reveals your conscious need, and humility that you turn to Him, who is LORD, and as I have briefly shared some of the meanings related to the word “LORD,” in the Old Testament- what a POWERFUL PRAYER, “Help LORD,” is, because HE Is a POWERFUL PERSON!

1. Awareness of Need!
2. Access to the LORD – through His Blood.
3. Aid from the LORD!
4. Assurance of His love, character, and Ability! The LORD will Help!

“Help LORD!” A lot more powerful, personal when you think who He is. Call out to Him!