“…Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.” – (Phil 2:4).

1.- It is to see, be INTENTLY looking out for the welfare of others.

2.- The verse teaches it is to be a MUTUAL participation, and in doing so love is modeled and the WITNESS in doing so we belong to Jesus Christ. ” By this ALL men will KNOW YOU are My disciples by your Love for one another.”( John 13:34-35)

3.- It is to be OTHER FOCUSED to the benefit of acquiring information not for personal satisfaction or gossip but for the benefit of the “INTERESTS” of others.Their personal welfare is the FOCUS. It is to ” love your neighbor ” it is to ” love in deed and in truth.”(1John 3:16-17). It is not to say not to look out for your own interests, but it is to say to BROADEN your horizon to INTENTIONALLY CARE FOR others and that their lives are important to YOU, for Christ tells you it is so !

Who will benefit today because you are living out this verse and in doing so you are expressing love to God through obeying and expressing love to others because you are INTENTLY choosing to participate in the welfare and interests of others.

4. It BEGINS with a MIND SET. A Christian Mindset which is modeled on His Words, “Have this mind IN YOU which was ALSO in Christ Jesus….” This is CHRISTIAN THINKING! A Christian is to THINK. A Christian is to THINK with an end. In this case the welfare of others! “Have this mind IN YOU which was ALSO in Christ Jesus….” It begins with renewing and maintaining the mind that the Scriptures reveal in Philippians 2 of the LORD Jesus. We are to have the same THINKING as He had and it is FOLLOWED by showing His Mindset led to ACTION where He humbled Himself and laid His life down for the unlovely from a heart of love. It is to ADOPT a New way of thinking, that is to CHOOSE to submit to HIS Word, His Way and make choices to prefer others…THINK on the TRUTH, that is to have an INFLUENCE on the will to DO THE TRUTH, in this case it is…”…do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.”- ( Phil 2:4).

MEMORIZE,MEDITATE, APPROPRIATE; Maybe you can place this verse on a 3 by 5 card and place on a bathroom mirror or somewhere you can see regularly and be reminded. Meditate upon it, Pray to be aware and be reminded of others and to live out this verse. Hide this verse in your heart, with the intent to do it and show you are one of His by “…your love..”{John 13:34-35}.

Thinking like a Christian, to the end of  Living your life...loving like a Christian…in which others are benefited.

If your Thinking does not lead to Lovingly ACTING for the Interests of others…it is NOT Christian! 

The Motivation is His Glory, for Jesus Sake,{1 Cor 10:31. 2 Cor 4:5}!