“First of all I want prayers…For ALL those in authority… This is good and PLEASES God our Savior.” – ( 1 Tim 2:2-3).
Do you pray for ALL those in authority ? Why should you? Because “…This is good and PLEASES God our Savior.”

” FIRST,” the word is not speaking of order but PRIORITY. Paul is writing to Timothy and telling them to place the emphasis on prayer as priority!

1.- Are you praying for “ALL those in authority? ”
Or are you complaining and being crude and rude? Jesus died for their soul too!

2.- Such praying for ALL in authority for their salvation and that the Gospel may be able to go forth is “..GOOD and PLEASES God our Savior.” Shouldn’t we give much attention to what is GOOD AND PLEASES GOD… And DO IT!!!

Pray for ALL in Authority for their soul that He may save them and they may worship Him…Such is “Good and pleases God out Savior”

It begins with asking yourself what does God say and submitting to Him, changing your attitude which influences your actions …

In the verses Nero the cruel emperor was in authority and Paul was telling them to pray for him!
Are you any better than others that you spend more time spewing in some cases hatred towards them because they are not of your political equation and little or no time praying for their souls?

Time to REPENT And do what is Good and pleasing to God out Savior and … Pray for ALL those in authority !

How grievous it has to be we are more concerned with comfort and our lifestyle than God have the worship of all those in authority and our failure to align ourselves up with God and pray for ALL THOSE IN AUTHORITY!

Do you pray for all those in authority ? Whatever country you are in, do you pray for the head of state? You don’t have to agree with then but you do need to pray for them !!

Are you obeying God ?

What do you need to change to begin praying and obeying these verses. ?

PRAY IN THE MORNING for ALL THOSE IN AUTHORITY in your sphere locally and nationally for God to save them in order to receive rightful worship and that the Gospel be furthered and not hindered….

“OF FIRST IMPORTANCE…” is prayer to God on behalf of the lost including ALL in authority…. is it of first importance to you? If not, then time to change your attitude and actions and DO what is GOOD and PLEASES God our Savior!

Where you live presently, STOP and PRAY For THE One IN AUTHORITY AS HEAD OF YOUR COUNTRY!
It’s …
1.- God’s Command
2. – Good
3.- Pleases God our Savior.