There are times when an automobile company recalls some vehicles due to new evidence of a deficiency in a vehicle and an urgent “recall” goes out. It can be the same for household utensils, like a refrigerator or a washing machine, where there is a deficient part. “But God…” there are NO RECALLS with Him when it comes to your forgiveness through the LORD Jesus. He has said emphatically, “For I will forgive their iniquities, and remember their sins NO More.”{Heb 8:12}. It is not that God has “amnesia” and cannot remember for He is “unchanging”{Mal 3:6}. He is all knowing , all the time,  what the verse is speaking of NO MORE will He hold your sins or iniquities against us for He held them ONCE and for All against His Son when He punished Him for our sin crimes against Himself. “He who knew NO Sin became sin that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ.” What wonderful grace! This is once for all, forever as long as God is, NO Record of sin against you and it is eternally impossible for there ever be a change of heart from God and somehow He discovers there was a deficiency in the work of His Son and He now needs to make a “Recall” and deny us our rights as based on the eternal perfect work of His Son. Utterly Impossible. There is NO RECALL! This moment and forever the sign as it were hanging over the entrance of your house is “ NO MORE!” No More will He hold your sin against you. And if He does not hold it against you, why oh why do you hold it against yourself! There is NO Recall, irrespective of how you “feel.” He is unchanging, His Word is unchanging. He has said it and it is guaranteed! in light of His mercy of forgiveness comes another “NO” to celebrate, namely,”There is therefore Now, NO Condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”-{Rom 8:1}. You will never be condemned or consigned to Hell because of what God has done in Christ. You may have feelings of condemnation but, as long as it is “now” and as you are In “Christ Jesus.” you are not under condemnation from God, Jesus bore your condemnation once and for all! NO Recall, NO condemnation!

How is this all possible? One last “NO,” to consider and celebrate and share, namely

 “And there is salvation in NO one else; for there is NO other Name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved.”-{Acts 4:12}

NO Recall

NO Condemnation

NO Other than JESUS!

These “No’s” make for some powerful  YES- YES- YES,Celebration! Whoever thought the word,”NO” could bring such comfort to a heart!

 Celebrate Him. Think on truth! Share these truths with someone!

  Your standing is perfect with God, your understanding is what you need to grow in. Understand, Remember  there is “NO RECALL,” when it comes to God forgiving you!