June 2 2016

“The word,”encourage,” “literally means to speak to someone, coming close to his or her side and speak to them in a friendly way. The meaning can develop along two main lines — with reference to rousing up someone’s will about what ought to be done (admonish to something) or with reference to what has happened rousing up hope for a good outcome.”

“FAINT HEARTED “- literally “small souled”, the little-spirited, the faint-hearted, the despondent, the feebleminded (KJV – this is a bit misleading as the Greek word does not carry any hint of mental deficiency), fretful, discouraged, worried. The idea is that this is a description of the person who feels their resources are too small...”- { preceptaustin}

Today all around are people who are in difficulties, disheartened, overwhelmed and YOU can come alongside to speak words of Hope into them, coming alongside with words and deeds of kindness. They long and need someone to encourage them in the midst and GOD has commanded YOU to be such a person!!!!
…The word “encourage,” speaks of GENUINE COMFORT…Come alongside with the intent to aid…Hebrews 3:13 says, “Day after day as long as it is called ‘TODAY,’ ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER…”…So what do you daily? ENCOURAGE… and the fainthearted will be strengthened, through your thoughtfulness, consideration, and love for them! Every day is “TODAY!” The command is to continually as the pattern of your life be an encourager!

One of my children when they were young asked, “Who encourages the encourager?”…. that would be, …should be… is to be… ALL OF US… A mutual ministry of encouraging one another… Barnabas’s!!