“The Lord upholds ALL who fall and lifts up ALL who are bowed down.-¬†{Psalm 145:14}

It is this One…who as the verb shows is continuously lifting up those who have fallen and those who are bowed down with the cares of life which may include shame, despair, perplexities, depression, He is continually actively involved all around us in our communities, homes, nations, continents and beyond where His people are in need of His help. He is gentle and tender, affectionate, compassionate towards those who are in need and He who sits enthroned above all in need of nothing or no one to satisfy Himself, basking in the rightful worship of myriads in Heaven, He condescends to the sinful, miserable, hurting and broken and with tenderness, longsuffering again and again in love He is¬†involved in the lives of those of us and those among us who need Him to do what we cannot do for ourselves. If you have fallen or are bowed down. Take heart, take courage, Hope is on the way for He specializes not harshly or vindictively or frustratingly as we humans too often manifest with the weak, fallen and discouraged among us. He is not like so many of us. He is a tender Shepherd who loves His sheep, knows our wanderings and tendencies and again and again comes to our aid. He is the LORD- Self-Existent, Promise Keeping, Unchanging, Sovereign Provider who is our Hope. Indeed hope is found in Him. Hope is a Person. And you can be assured He will help you and meet you right where you are at.

The Scriptures are littered with examples from Adam and Eve to Noah, Abraham, David, Peter and more who at one time or another were fallen or bowed down. Indeed failure or folly is not fatal or final in Christianity, for God is the God of all Hope {1 Peter 5:10} He specializes in restoring, upholding and lifting up our heads and hearts which are often laden down with cares, hurts, doubts, guilt and shame. He is able. He does uphold “ALL,” He does uplift “ALL” who are fallen or bowed down!

This includes you, His beloved. You are no exception to His ability to do so.