“Budget to eat out; Budget to help others…” budgeting…. Some people were speaking among themselves while eating out about knowing someone who was in “need” and they “would love to help them” BUT they did not have it in their “budget,” but still as was pointed out they could eat out because that was in the “budget”- Compartmentalizing, is that what it is called? Is there a “law” to say only what is put in the “helping” others “budget” can be used for the needs of others and the “eating out budget” cannot be used to “help others?” Is that madness and justification for what is merely selfishness and a lack of love for “others?” This may be “justifiable” by some but not true for the follower of the Lord Jesus.

Consider what God says …”We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us. So we also ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters. If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister IN NEED but shows no compassion—how can God’s love be in that person? “- {1 John 3:16-17}.A “Budget ” should be a guideline not a “god”…nor used to mask over a spiritual issue at the expense of others, as though “catergorizing” prohibits one from helping and taking care of the “NEEDS” of others which is presented before us and we have the power to do something about it! Maybe the issue is not that we do not have the provision or power to help but not the heart of …love…to do so! “… Dear children, let’s  not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.”- {1 John 3:18}.So the person still had the need . The people still had the opportunity to help BUT it was not in the” Budget”. “…Someone pass the salad please,… anyone for desert? Let’s do this again soon- since we have “budgeted” for it!

Reminds me of churches who want to “give” to missions but don’t have it in the “budget” and many of the people can be found eating out on Sunday week in and week out. No problem in eating out- sometimes can be a great treat for a mum or to reach out to a single person to be included with a family or to invite an elderly person. But what if….the people gave to missions two weeks out of the month, what they would normally spend in their “budget to eat out”- would our missionaries and the Gospel be benefited or hindered, by such choices of consideration, compassion and priority of love? We make time and “budget” often for what we see as a “priority.”

We have the “right” to love others, which has been made possible at great cost- the Crucifying of Jesus Christ! And to manifest this privilege to show that love not by words of excuses no matter how “reasonable” they may sound but as the Scripture says “in DEED.” God help us to love whom God loves and be doers of His Word lest we deceive…delude ourselves…

Just a thought….The Cross reveals the heart of God for…OTHERS… does our heart, do likewise towards the “NEEDS” of others? Budgets should not hinder us from being God’s means to BLESSING  others! “Budgets” should not be used as an excuse to hinder helping others who are in need. But enable us and free us up to help others more! Living in light of eternity changes perspective on whom we live for- at least it is meant to!

Budgets can be a guideline and indeed help in being the best at being faithful to handle God’s resources, but the danger of the human heart is we allow a “budget” to become our “god”- our security, and the tendency of our covetous hearts is to hoard it for “me, myself and I…” and it becomes a revelation of my heart-Idolatrous- placing it  above God and displace Him with self.

Is it wrong to budget? No! Is it wrong to hoard when it is in one’s ability to meet “needs” of those whom God has placed before you?