Our youngest child was about six years old at the time I was sharing with him and his brother who is two years older at the time regarding the verse in Matthew 6:6 – ” But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you. ”

One night our youngest son called me. He was in the “closet,” I walked into the small closet, the light was on and he was sitting on a box with coats and shirts hanging down around him, beaming with a huge smile, that lit up the closet. His older brother not wanting to miss what was happening, followed me in. “Close the door,” he said hurriedly, with a big smile on his face “Us three are going to be blessed…rewarded. Let’s Pray.” He had taken the passage literally. He believed if you went into a “closet” and prayed God heard you and promised He would reward you! He went in there with expectancy! The good news is a “closet” is a place of aloneness and can be wherever you are! This young boy had taken the Lord Jesus at His Word, He believed God kept His Word and was excited! We can smile and think, “Aw what a sweet story,” and miss the point, that God desires you to pray and promises in the time of aloneness, where you get away to be with Him He promises reward. The reward is ultimatley Himself. The knowledge of Himself, His companionship and awareness of His answering prayers His way. Our young son went in with expectancy, excitement, based on the Word of God. Do you expect God to reward you because He says so? Pray with expectancy to Him who promises, who has never broken of failed to keep His promise and will not. For He is faithful! Enter your “closet’ with confidence, expectancy in Him!