“YOU keep track of all my sorrows YOU have collected all my tears in your bottle. YOU have recorded each one in your book. – Psalm 56:8.

Tears were bottled as a memorial at the funeral of a loved one in centuries gone by. Here David says, the LORD has bottled his tears. This morning, I had a good cry, maybe all the pressures, the chronic illness, but the floodgates opened, feeling overwhelmed and then, in His kindness, He breaks in bringing this verse to mind, bottled all my tears.” My tears were not unknown to Him, nor the reason for them. His reminder, I was not in this alone.

YOUR TEARS ARE SAFE WITH GOD. All known by God, and one day ALL of your tears and the source of your sorrows will be wiped away, swallowed up in the sweet and Healing presence of Jesus Christ never again to trouble you or cause you to cry. “ALL” of your tears as is your heart safe with God! His love will wipe them all away and forever to bask in the presence of Him who loves you best!

Tough times? Tearful times? The battle is for your mind and your faith in God. Tough times and trials are not an evidence of God abandoning you, for He cannot do this nor will He ever -Heb 13:5. Tough times and tearful times are part of living in a fallen world, but the day is coming when we shall see Him as He is and we will forever bask in the love of Christ…never again to be touched by pain… In our tough times He knows and cares for you, He knows what it is to weep…Jesus knows what it is to experience heartache. Drawing closer to Him, allowing Him to minister to you and often tenderizing us to the needs of others can often be developed though our tough times.- 2 Cor 1:3-4.

Life can be painful, such is the world we live in, But You are not alone in your pain. The Man of Sorrows acquainted with Grief understands. As Your Great High Priest He empathizes and intercedes for you and bids you come expectantly, confidently to receive from Him at His Throne of Grace where He now sits and reigns, that you might receive mercy and grace to HELP in time of Need. Come and receive by faith from Him who understands and cares for you.{ Hebrews 4:15-16}.

How tender, intimately acquainted with you He is. The God of all the universe, worshiped and adored by myriads and myriads in a crescendo of holy worship, is not so busy or afar off that He does not notice or know the tear that fills your eye and begins to trickle down your face. Be it one or what seems like an avalanche. He has bottled, preserved them all! Tears long forgotten about by you, and the reasons behind them are not unknown or forgotten by Him. Your Tears are Safe with God! Pressures remain, “But God…”