“And He appointed twelve, so that they would be with Him and that He could send them out to preach,…”-{Mark 3:14}

There are a lot of “calls” you will receive in your life. “Calls” from advertisement, “calls” from culture that tell you who you are, what you need to make you a somebody in society, “call’s” of all different types. But there is one call that out calls them all. It is the call of Jesus to be with Him. He chose twelve for the purpose of being with Him. To be invited into life with Him, to live with Him, speak with Him, learn of Him, confide in Him, watch Him, to do life with him. The call of God is always to Himself! Be taken up with Him. To concentrate your relationship on Him, to rest in His love.-{John 15:10.} Paul wrote, “God is faithful who has called you into fellowship with His Son” -{1 Cor 1:9}.

TODAY there will be many “calls,” remember the main call is a call to be with Him! For all other “calls” in your life will be temporal, they are tied and die with this world. But His call is eternal, for His Call is to Himself, to know Him, enjoy Him and know His love for you. “This is life eternal to know You and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”- {John 17:3}.

He chose twelve to be with Him, and He chose you likewise, to know Him better. His call,”Come to Me…Learn of Me…{Matt 11:28-29}… Follow Me... {Matt 4:19} – “Abide in Me...”- {John 15:10}. The “call?” To be with Him! Be with Him in the moment!

The call of God is always to Himself!

{From The Message,- “The Call Of Jesus -To Be With Him.”}