“When I awake, I am still with You.” {Psalm 139:18}.

A child may awake in hospital after surgery, a strange place, strange sounds, and sights, and unknown people coming and going can heighten the anxiety, but to awaken and the first face to see is that of a smiling face of a loving parent looking them in the eyes, one they are familiar with and knows loves and cares for them… what peace, assurance amidst the turmoil it must be to them. They can tell them all that scares them, all that they want, they can pour out their heart, because there is safety with the one you know loves you. Assured by the presence of love.

The first verse to my mind this morning after but a few hours of continual interrupted sleep, was this verse… “When I awake I am Still with You.” Awakened to Him. I then sent it to a young man who is in a new city, a new place, surrounded by un-familiarities, and unknown. Yet known by Him, who awakes him and is with and for him. I thought of a young man on a mission with the gospel in a far away land, a difficult place, and I prayed for him, that when he awakes to be conscious He awakes to God… and I thought of his mom… prayed for her and her husband… that they would be assured… he is not alone, but awakened by and to The LOVING God. His delight to wake you up for another day to be with Him.

Awaken by God to be …with Him today. This is the glorious realty of every day. We never waken alone. We awake by Him, to Him to be with Him and to know …We never awake alone. But to the One who loves us. You are Awakened by Love, awakened to the One who loves you. “Good morning, LORD.”