Elijah had been involved in a very emotional time- a battle of spiritual proportions. He had seen God do the miraculous. He had put the false prophets to the sword. Then came the news a woman was out to kill him. Fearful thoughts invaded…dominated and were embraced and acted upon…He had suddenly realized – she would hurt him …kill him. Either, it was time to do what you do in such pressure times – “trust in the Lord” or “lean to your own understanding” and make it happen…and so he fled…what about God who had just done a miraculous work? When at times we yield to thoughts of fear, and they take hold we lose sight of God and His enabling. We forget His power and His provision and we make haste- we lean to our own understanding– we fall back on trusting ourselves. We make our own plans and flee and iscolate ourselves and like Elijah we are often left alone, exhausted, depressed and with a faulty view of God, sounds familiar? It all began with one choice to yield to a thought of fear!

God allowed him to Flee- “But God…” though isolated,  fearful, depressed,exhausted and believing a lie – God did not leave him and disown him  and leave him to rot in that Cave. God came to him. God came to His wounded friend. He is not stand offish or indifferent, or insensitive, but caring, compassionate and devotedly so. Oh many a time I have been in a “cave of despair” and even there, God can come ever so gently and bring a peril of Truth to my mind from His Word, and give me rest  for my soul or my physical  battered body and give me nourishment to sustain and  enable me to go again.

I don’t know God’s beloved, what “cave” you may be in- perhaps the “cave of fear,” or the “cave of depression,” or “loneliness,” or ‘pain.” But the God of Elijah loves you and no “cave” can keep Him out, no “cave” is so dark that  the God who loves you will not come in and impart truth for the error that would seek to spiritually blind and bind you. He will come to impart rest for the weariness of your mind and nourishment from His Word for your soul. God cares for you  and God is coming into your “cave” to meet you and get you out and use you in the lives of other dear souls who know the fears of  “caves of despair and hopelessness and bondage.” Help is on the Way- Jesus Christ your Redeemer! THINK on Truth. TRUST Him, His Word, promises! He will not leave you, but will seek you and free you from the false concepts that led you to that place of fear, exhaustion and depression. Leaning to our own understanding leads us to fear, depression, exhaustion, away from Him who loves us!…”But God, No “cave” can keep Him from coming to meet with you and get you out!

It was one thought, just one thought, of fear yielded to,as though God who had just worked wonders earlier, no longer existed or in control, that led to a chain of events…”But God…” gives hope and allows us to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ…” Listen to His Word. If you CHOOSE to yield to fear and act on it, it opens you up to despair!

Master your thoughts or they will seek to master you!  

{From the Message,”In The Cave Ministries”}