“The GOD who IS,”… knows your name, calls you His friend, is training you in the ways of faith in His faithful Love. It’s not easy, for we are not easy! We cling, battle scratch and scream at times to get out of circumstances, seek to have others rescue us, like David who went into the camp of the Philistines and pretended he was mad. His pressures caused him to run away. “But God…” loved him and Psalm 34:4, 6, say,”… He delivered me from ALL my fears… In my desperation I prayed, and the LORD LISTENED, and saved me from out from of ALL my troubles!” His failure was not fatal. For GOD IS… GREATER than our sin, failings, more GRACIOUS than our comprehension, and He loves us and desires us to know Him. When we fail, let it NEVER prevent us from turning to Him. For in Him we find, He is easy  to live with. We can begin a fresh with Him… and personal knowledge of His grace, and His way is to rest in His love.  David had put himself in a place he needed have,”But God…” did not scold him, but answered him and strengthened his faith. DAVID would know of the kindness of the LORD and God would use this to teach him the way of faith, which is always trust in a Person- The LORD, who loves him, and you.  The more we know of His love for us, the more we learn to trust and rely on Him. For He is a Faithful Friend. In DAVID’S failings he would learn afresh He is Faithful!

David’s  RESPONSE to the pressuses  was to lean to his own understanding and so he chose to flee. “But God…,” worked in him where he would end up before Him in prayer! David experiencing the Person of God meeting him where he was. Like David we can begin afresh, take it to the LORD IN PRAYER. God uses all things even our failings to draw us and teach us of Himself, that we may trust Him. Life’s pressures can thrust us forward in faith or blow us up. The difference, is our responce, of who we choose to trust, Self or The LORD? We all know He is the better choice.”He who began a good work in you will complete it… walk by faith and not by sight “- {Phil 1:6; 2 Cor 5:7}. At times we choose and fail miserably, when we lean on ourselves, but it doesnt mean He fails, for He is always faithful. Faithful to love us! As the prodical son returned to the wide embrace of his father’s lavish love, for love is extravagant, how much more our Heavenly Father.

God is present, and when we fail, and flee, we can pray, He is present and His heart is ever towards us in restoring love and grace


{From the message,”The God Who Is Knowable – in between a rock and a hard place”-Psalm 46:1}