God is our refuge and strength, A very present {Abundantly Available} help in trouble.{tight places}- Psalm 46:1

God is...He knew from His Word and from personal experience of Him, what He was like. The psalmist testifies and reminds us, in time of trouble, in between “a rock and a hard place,” there is no one but Him in whom we must turn to! He refers to Him as his Strength, Refuge, a present tense Help in his time of pressure! He testifies to, –The God who is! And note He is “OUR.” Here is Hope, His power and presence, strength and refuge and help is sufficient for all His! Think on that! He is neither drained of strength to help, nor weary from the Psalmist and countless others knowing Him and receiving from Him in time of trouble. Centuries of people testify to His endless reservoir of gracious, tender, powerful provision. His reservoir is untouched in it’s volume, it is endless and He has strength, refuge, and help for you too, in your time of trouble. God who is! Think back and REMEMBER How He helped before. Praise Him, for HE IS Present now. Don’t confuse His delays as His denials of love for you. He is working it all together for good.

It was in the fourth watch of the night, the darkest hour when the disciples storm tossed by winds and waves would know Him step into their troubles and manifest Himself as the GOD who IS A Present Help in time of trouble. His calming the winds and waves caused them to ask,”Who is this Man that the winds and seas obey Him.”  It is often in  troubling times we get a look at HIM in a new, or fresh way to remind us of the God who “IS” present, a “very present Help in times of trouble.” We never encounter trouble where He is not present to assist us, run to aid us. what a beautiful picture in the word “help.” It is not a passive word of resignation- but one of expectation. He knew Him to be powerful and present with him, a present Help in the place of affliction, pressure, a “very present help in time of need.”

Truth for Trouble. Think on and Trust Him. Know…God IS Present. God is your refuge, God is your strength. God is your Present tense Help  for you in  between a “rock and a hard place.” As He was to the Psalmist, so He is all of that to and for you…

The God Who Is