God does not want you live in doubt concerning His love.

God is not playing games with you! God is not the author of confusion. God does not want you to live in doubt concerning His love. God’s love is sure, steadfast, it cost Him His Son. He desires you know Him, the God of love and understand you are loved by Him! God’s love for you is not in installments, or a “maybe He does, maybe He doesn’t,” love you or me. The doubts of uncertainty that can flood our thinking, the emotional roller coaster, of does He love me or not. The exhaustion of gauging His love for us through the lens of circumstances, “feelings” and our own performance. Seeking to live up to a “standard” we or others  have invented which is outside of the accurate interpretation of Scripture and we are “weary” from it all.

“He loves me, He loves me not.” Like the old game kids played when we were younger with the petals of a flower. You picked a petal off a flowed and say, if you were a young girl, “He loves me” and throw away that petal, and then go to the next petal and pick off the flower and say, “He loves me not,” and the last petal picked off gave you the answer depending on which statement you ended up with to determine if you were loved or not! The uncertainty of it all. Sometimes we live as though God plays that game with us and when we sin we forfeit His love. We can hurt Him “grieve” Him which is a love word really, the Scripture says in Ephesians 4, but that is only because you can only hurt the One who loves you. But we can never break, sever His love for us.

Sometimes we Doubt God’s Love. We tend to view life’s circumstances and interpret them concerning God’s attitude towards us, whether He loves us or doesn’t. We conclude that if we are encountering difficulties, suffering, and pressures as a sign He doesn’t love us. We tend to live by our feelings rather than faith in the Lord. Paul said “the life I live, I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself up for me.{-{Gal 2:20}.

To Doubt God’s Love for you, is to Distrust The One who Hung on the Cross for YOU. It is as thought to stand before the CROSS and say, “I Don’t Trust You”- I Don’t Trust Your Word!  To embrace the doubt is to reject the truth, and believe a lie!

{From the message,”He Loves Me, He loves me not.” }