Your failings and faithlessness does not stop Jesus Friendship and love for you!

“I have called you friends.” John 15

These words of Jesus to His disciples, follow having seen their lack of love to stoop to serve one another when they refused to wash each other’s feet.He He took the towel and basin and stooped to wash the feet of those who would deny Him, flee from Him in His hour of need, And yet He shows them love. {John 13:.}.He tells them, He would be leaving them and assures them He would care for them {John 14:1-6}. Seeing their lack of love, knowing they would depart, deny Him, The LORD of the universe stooped to serve them and then seeing and knowing all this says, “…I  have called you Friends.” Knowing before-hand what they would do, they had no idea, He calls them, “friends,” despite the failings and betrayal that lay ahead. How deep the love of Jesus towards the selfish disciples who were more concerned with self-promotion than serving one another and the LORD. Amidst this background He calls them “friends!” How humbling, how reassuring, how selfless, is His love! We too, selfish, denying Him at times and yet He calls us “friends!” His love the tie that keeps us. How deep the love of Jesus that is greater than our sin, our self -seeking, that His declaration and demonstration towards us is one of love and that He knowing all about our sin and failings before- hand should assure us, “ I have called you friends.”  It shouldn’t lead to license, but to love Him deeper and appreciate Him more freely. His friendship was not based on their performance but His love.

Their failings and faithlessness did not negate His faithful love for them. Neither does yours. How reasurring the Love of Jesus for them, you and me!

“What a Friend We have In Jesus.”