You are who God says you are! You may be called many names in your life time, some may encourage, some may hurt, but none are as compared to what the Creator of the world calls you, namely His, “Friend!”  you from  Nothing can separate, sever you from His eternal title for you, “Friend!” You did not inherit it, merit it, deserve it. You can not lose it, forfeit it or have it withdrawn from you. It is eternal, settled, sealed with love through the determined act of God through the blood of His Son to bring you from an enemy of God to now a “Friend,” of God! Today you are a “Friend of God,” this is a title He has bestowed upon you, a permanent relationship He has brought you into,“Therefore, having been justified by faith,we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have obtained our introduction by faith into this grace in which we stand; ”-{Rom 5:1-2}. You are who He says you are, not based on your feelings, but on His irriversable choice and DECLARATION of love for you!{Jer 31:3}. God’s DETERMINATION to love you, before the foundation of the world! God’s DEMONSTRATION of His love, is the cross.{1 John 3:16}.

When Jesus called His disciples “friends,” He knew al about their sin, waywardness, what they would do, how they would deny Him, and yet He has determined thy would be who He declares them to be His “friends!” It is amazing mercy, outlandish grace and eternal love towards His own and indeed you and me, “In Christ,” and exclusively at His own discretion!

Look to the cross and see He was there to remove the sin barrier between you and Holy God, He was taking your place, bearing your penelty, and that He could call you to Himself and “…friend!” His is an everlasting love, “I have loved you with an everlasting love and drawn you with loving kindness.” -{Jer 31:3}. How long is everlasting? Infinite. So is His love for you, His “friend.” There is no limit, no expiration day, “Friends forever!” You are whom God says you are, His “friend!”

GOD calls you…”friend!”

{From the message,”Friends of God.”}