While many people can identify with this phrase and often the “justification” to “dump” someone as they have “fallen” out of love with them, to “explain” how they have come to this “new” conclusion for their actions, as though somehow they are not responsible for their actions as the “feeling” has “magically” disappeared, unknown to them why except to say they had “fallen out of love,” as though they have “fallen” out of a tree. The whole phrase is NUTS! You just happened to “fall in love, and fall out of love” like a drunken person falls in and out of something, inebriated… And then for the person who is the recipient, on the other end of having someone who once professed “fallen in love,” with them to be told they have now “fallen out of love”with them, and the carnage, devastation, emotionally to them of rejection, hurt, pain, and at times not knowing what they did wrong, and the insecurities that surface, and at times a hardness towards others later down the road who show an interest in them. The fear of being hurt again, and so the difficulty in opening up, as one hurt is once too many! And so relationships are guarded.

“But GOD…” He does not “fall IN and OUT of love with you,” where you don’t know where you stand with Him. Could this be the day He finally decides He has woken up and realized the “magic” is gone, that “feeling” and through no fault of His own He now realizes and has to tell you, much to His own surprise, He has “fallen out of love with you.” He tells you, He doesn’t know what happened but He no longer loves you. How often we live like this. We live our lives as though He is like a human who is living their lives through their emotions, mistaking love through their emotions, hormones, or having their head turned towards someone else more desirable and suitable to them and leaving you deserted, rejected, humiliated as you thought they were the “one” and you had committed your whole being to them only to be turned away as they had “fallen out of love with you.”

That “feeling.., spark” is no longer there, they say, and so the only thing is to turn you out, reject you and of course there is the obligatory,” we can still be friends.” load of garbage statement to somehow coat over the rejection and been dumped that has just taken place and somehow sugar coat their own conscience that you would think of them highly, as a “nice” person! And so we often carry over that new distrust to GOD. We “FEEL” as though He is like that, He is not to be trusted, or wholly given over to in case He does the same thing. “BUT GOD…” is not like that. He is Good, Holy, and FAITHFUL. His acceptance of you is not based on your performance or potential- what a joke that is. Imagine offering to Him, who has created all things and upholds all things by the power of His Word, who is in need of nothing or no one to inform Him, satisfy Him. He is complete, and contrary to some erroneous teaching He did not create man so He would not be alone. If that was the case He would be imperfect and the Scripture teaches He is not!

Your acceptance is based totally, wholly, irrevocably on His Son, His Work on your behalf and so you can confidently say, you are


“…CHOSEN, HOLY, BELOVED”- Col 3:12-13}. You are a “first round pick” to put in athletic terms, He “chose” you before the world was created, before a star sprinkled the heavens, before a mountain was raised, or a valley sunk, before a bird flew in the expanse in the heavens, before God created the heavens and the earth. YOU were in the mind of God, and the LOVE of God towards you was settled. Psalm 139 teaches, He saw you in your mother’s womb, His thoughts towards you are “precious” and more numerous than all the grains of sand!! Imagine if you could go country to country, to each beach, desert, and scoop up a handful of sand and count one grain at a time, and continue this to the remotest part of the world, be honest you would have to live multitudes of lives to do so, so is the point His thoughts towards you are “precious” and more numerous than the grains of sand! That is HIS LOVE towards you and HE IS not fallen in and out of love like some immature, unbalances, self-centered, egotistical, self-deluded human being! His love is steadfast [Lam 3:22-23}. He loved you when you were a rebel, living your life independent of Him. “While we were yet ENEMIES Christ died for us… we KNOW LOVE BY THIS, HE laid down HIS LIFE FOR US…. The Son of God LOVED ME, and gave Himself UP FOR ME…”- {Rom 5:8-9; 1 John 3:16-18; Gal 2:20}

You are “chosen”, “holy,” set apart by Him and for Him. You are “Beloved.” Another name for a follower of Christ is” “…THE BELOVED”-{Romans 1:7} “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me,” so the old rhyme goes, but they do hurt, but not the names He calls His own. You are in your worst moments that you are conscious of forever the“…THE Beloved of God,” all this because He set His love upon you from before He said “let there be light”…. How amazing His Love for you… and it is steadfast and everlasting!!

And let us settle it once and for all with this unchanging Word from our unchanging Creator and Redeemer, “I HAVE LOVED YOU….WITH….AN… EVERLASTING….LOVE…I…HAVE…DRAWN…YOU..WITH…UNFAILING…LOVE…I…HAVE…DRAWN…YOU…TO…MYSELF.” – {Jer 31:3-NIV, NLT}. Jesus said it best….”REST/ ABIDE…IN…MY …LOVE” – {John 15:10}.

His love for you is EVERLASTING… How long is that? Longer than your next time you sin, or fail or mess up, oh yes, way, way longer… let’s put it this way, it lasts as long as God does!! Think about that! He calls you to Himself. He drew you. He pursued you. He accepted you despite all your sin, shame, degrading thoughts, words, actions, what you have done and the things you have not done that you should have. He sent His Son because He loved you and His Son willingly, gladly endured the cross, bearing the shame, separated from His Father bearing your penalty and sin so you would not die in your sin but be brought into newness of life and to know Him and His Love for you, more and more and KNOW He does not fall in and out of love with you!! His is an EVERLASTING LOVE for you!! He has displayed it on that cross! How wonderful the words of ASSURANCE, “We KNOW LOVE BY THIS…” Yes, true love can be known…”HE laid down His life for us…” The unreserved giving Himself totally in sacrifice for our highest good, demonstrated on that cross is how we know we are loved. It is not by how we “feel;” or even how others “feel” about us. As feelings come and go and like the wind they change direction, But not God. His Love is steadfast… and everlasting… and you are called to rest in His Love for you!! “The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning.”- {Lam3:22-23- NLT}

THANK GOD, He does not “Fall IN and OUT of Love” with you. His is an EVERLASTING COMMITMENT OF HIMSELF...TO YOU

How wonderful to have Friend who loves us unconditionally, who will not surprise us with such utter nonsense of “falling IN and OUT of love” with us, but whose love is a commitment to us.

“I’ve found a Friend, oh, such a Friend!

  He loved me ere I knew Him;

He drew me with the cords of love,
And thus He bound me to Him.
And round my heart still closely twine
Those ties which naught can sever,
For I am His, and He is mine,
Forever and forever. ” 

James Grindlay Small (1817-1888)



Thank God, where you are right now, His Love is not fleeting but faithful towards you! He doesn’t fall in and out of love with you. But do you live as though He does, based on your performance to somehow to appease Him? If you have enough “quiet times” He will love you. If you do enough… {Fill in the blank} He won’t “fall out of love” with you. How we carry over into our THINKING of God that He treats us the same way as humans do of “Falling IN and OUT of Love,” with us and we try and “perform” to “keep “Him or try harder the next time to somehow keep Him from been angry with us and leaving and departing and abandoning and forsaking us! GOD is NOT like that, and so we must


RENEW our thinking concerning Him through HIS WORD. And so we can