“Therefore since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us,…”-{Hebrews 12:1-3}

To those in Hebrews 11 – who ran the race God had placed before them, Look back for Encouragement as you consider their lives, trials and their faith. Look back for EXAMPLE, under great pressures they still ran. Look Back for ENCOURAGEMENT. Look Back to EMULATE, and in doing so EXALT God, “By Faith…”
Look Back to Abel, who “By Faith ” – Worshiped God aright
Look Back to Enoch, who “By Faith…”- Walked with God aright
Look Back to Noah, who “By faith…” – Worked and Witnessed for God aright…
Look Back to Abraham, who “By faith…” – Wandered by faith
Look Back to Moses, who “By Faith…” – Withdrew the temptation to waste his life on the sinful pleasures of this world, having considered JESUS of Greater Worth.
Look Back to those, who “By Faith…” – Won great victories. People like Moses and Daniel
Look Back to those who, “By Faith…” – Wandered about in animal clothing. Hounded and homeless, murdered and of whom the Scripture says  “OF WHOM THE WORLD WAS NOT WORTHY ” – Heb 11:38

Faith pleases God. Faith in Him, His Word, His Son!

  • Consider The GREAT IMPOSSIBILITY. “Without Faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to Please GOD.”- Heb 11:6.
  •  Consider The GREAT INCENTIVE
    “Those who come to God must believe He is, and is a REWARDER of those who diligently SEEK HIM.” -Heb 11:6.

Look back and learn from them , did they sin and fail? Yes! “But God…” did not give up on them, cast them aside, but continued loving them and developing them to live trusting Him and testifying to Him. Look back and learn from them.Look back and learn from Him. Look back to see His mercy, grace, love, faithfulness and encourage yourself to trust Him in the present, who is trustworthy!

{From the message,”Look Back for Encouragement}