At the end of every sentence. every diagnosis, every sickness, every pain, every trouble, real or otherwise, every circumstance , no matter how troubling, perplexing, there is a ” But God,” who has The final, ultimate word! TALK this truth to yourself, look at the circumstance BUT DO NOT end with the problem end with...”BUT GOD…”


2. – TALK TRUTH – to yourself and end every thought with the truth,”…BUT GOD…” Why? Because the truth is, you are not on your own in the matter, you have not been forgotten nor abandoned, though h evil one may whisper it is so or you “feel so!” Lies and feelings cannot be the final deciding mater in this place you find yourself in- For Scripture teaches God is!, Faith sees Him and KNOWS He has the final say in all matters, including this one!

3. -THANK HIM- because of the sacrifice of Jesus the Sovereign Lord for you, there is always a glorious , “BUT GOD…”

4.- TRUST HIM – ALWAYS, Always, Always end every thought, sentence with the truth. “But God…” When doubts arise and fears seek to paralyze , when anxiety seeks to dominate, rise up with the shield of faith and shout. the truth of the matter is , “BUT GOD…!”

For whether you “feel” it or not this is ETERNALLY so, God and God, YOUR GOD is in sole control and He is your loving Heavenly Father who cares for you and is intimately acquainted with you and all concerning you, and loves you and is for you and works ALL, not some of it, or most , but ALL THINGS TOGETHER FOR GOOD, including this very thing for His honor and your spiritual development and conformity to His Son- Rom 8:28-29; James 1:2-5)

Have a great day THINKING on Him, Talking the TRUTH to yourself about Him, THANKING Him, because for you there is always a “BUT GOD…” at the end of every sentence, trial, diagnosis, circumstance… TRUST HIM….He loves you- Calvary Proves it! Too often we look at the problem and end with…the Problem, and end up dejected, anxious, fearful and the “what if’s” dominate our thinking, our blood pressure rises, tempers rise and our hearts in unbelief and we wonder why? Look where and whom {often your self} where you are looking at…?