The evil one will seek to turn you inward, to seek to dishearten, or look to yourself, your sin, your shame, to look at yourself outside of who you are “In Christ.”…he seeks to separate you in your thinking from who you truly are, “In Christ.” he is the accuser of the brethren. he cannot give you hope, for he is hopeless, he cannot point you to Jesus for he is full of hatred and devoid of love, mercy, grace. TO LISTEN to the thoughts that the evil one seeks to inject into your thinking and to act on those thoughts by Embracing and submitting to them will lead to anxiety, fear, despair, depression, all because you CHOOSE to believe the lie, such as, God is not good. God does not care. God ultimately cannot love you. How could He…look at you, and so the LIES continue to bombard and beat you down… “BUT GOD….”

Why do we believe the lies? Often because they “feel” so real to us, and we live by our feelings as the ultimate authority rather than faith in the faithful One. This is your battle, “feelings” versus faith in God and His Word. Remember the victory is won in Christ. See yourself as He sees you. Speak the truth to yourself and He will TRANSFORM your thinking to influence your living and to strengthen your faith. If you are fishing and catching fish you don’t change the bait, why not? It works! So the evil one uses lies, condemnation, accusation and unless you  meet the lies with truth you will succumb again and again. “BUT GOD…” has provided you HIS Word, His Spirit to enable you to live in truth and to rest in His Victory at the cross for you. Rejoice in Him! Jesus Christ. Think on Him. Talk to Him. Trust in Him. Praise Him- Rest in Him. Look away and keep looking away to Jesus-{Hebrews 12:2}

To Believe The Lie is to stand before the Cross Of Jesus and say ” You Lie!”

Believe Him. Trust Him. His Cross the Testimony He is for you and His resurrection the proof He alone is to be believed! To choose to believe the lie is to submit to and claim the ” lie ” is Lord!

We choose the lie or the LORD?

{From the message, “The Lies We Choose To Believe versus The One We Refuse To Trust.” }