“How PRECIOUS are Your Thoughts ABOUT ME, O GOD, they CANNOT Be Numbered, How vast is the sum of them! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand. “— {Psalm 139:17-18}.

To travel the world and to seek out and find all the sand on all the deserts, sea shores, and as you scanned over it, the enormity would be mind boggling. To view it all, seeing but the surface of the vast amount of it, let alone how deep the sand goes below what you could see, and if you could spent the rest of your life, scooping up a handful at a time and allowing them to fall through your finger tips counting one grain of sand at a time, going from beach to beach, desert to desert in an attempt to count every grain, and if you spent your whole life doing so, you would never come near counting all the grains of sand, you would need countless lifetimes to even scratch the surface and you would be no closer to numbering the vastness of the grains God has meticulously placed upon His earth. How much more infinite, and intimate are His thoughts-“precious thoughts,” towards and for you. The Psalmist says they are “PRECIOUS THOUGHTS,” that God thinks concerning you, so vast are they, incalculable, he says they “CANNOT BE NUMBERED.” The Vastness of Good, Loving , kind, concerning thoughts He has towards you. To try and personally count, and hold in your hand, each grain of sand, on all the beaches, deserts, would be to attempt the Impossible. How much more grander and infinite is God’s thinking concerning you. They are,”Precious thoughts,.. they cannot be numbered. Were I to count them they would Outnumber the grains of sand.”- How wonderful, infinitely good are His thoughts towards you, “In Christ.” His Thoughts of care, love, devotion and pleasure towards you based on nothing in and of you in yourself to appeal to Him, but wholly based on His choice of you and the Love of His Son for you.

God has set His Love upon you and His thoughts ARE eternal. Never does He forget you, neglect you and move on to something or someone else, or something catch Him unaware where He cannot give you His full attention. Always, forever in His thoughts and they are “precious.” thoughts of love, care, hope, delight.”I have loved you with an everlasting love”-{Jer 31:3}