Jacob limped… Paul had his thorn… Timothy was frequently sick… John was imprisoned on the isle of Patmos. All had difficulties, suffering a “thorn,” yet none of these inhibited them from serving the Savior.
Generations have benefited from their lives. God has recorded it for generations to take hope in HIM. God uses weak people to display His competency, His grace sufficient, that for them and through them He may spread His fame.

God uses weak people, who are conscious of their need and turn to Him with their need and find not always relief from the thorn but grace and strength sufficient to be weak enough for God to use them in the spreading of His fame with a thorn!
Your life may not end up in the pages that generations will read, but your life is being read by those who observe.

If God has given you a thorn- it is for a purpose…including …

* PREVENTATIVE- to keep him from pride-(2 Cor 12:7)
* INTIMACY- to know Him more intimately.
* DEPENDENCY- Depend upon Him more regularly
* EMPATHY- to compassionately identify and comfort others
* TESTIMONY -to spread His fame more obviously through a weakened vessel
A “thorn” when seen from His perspective and committed into His care need not be seen as an obstacle but an opportunity!

(Please Read 2 Cor 12:7-10)

Be encouraged. Keep going …
Your life is counting for eternity!