“…knowing that I am appointed for the defense of the gospel;”-{Phil 1:16}

I cant emphasize enough that your circumstances are opportunities as Paul said “Brothers and sisters I want you to know my circumstances have worked out to further the Gospel”{Phil 1:12} The word “further/ advance” includes in the word “resistance!!” The going forth of the Gospel is not without opposition and resistance yet Paul though “shut in” was ” not “shut out” and advanced the Gospel. In Philippians 1:16 he also says he was “Appointed” for the Gospel. The word speaks of a soldier “ASSIGNED- STRATEGICALLY PLACED” at his post. Paul saw himself ASSIGNED to where he was with A DIVINE PURPOSE to further the Gospel. While we often wish, dream, plead and beg for our circumstances to change, as some people face horrific and difficult circumstances, and like Paul asked THREE Times for the “Thorn’ to be removed from him {Read 2 Cor 12:8-9}. The word “thorn” comes from a word which refers to “a sharp wooden stake to torture or impale someone.” This was no sliver under the skin that was an irritant.This was real pain. As I write I think of various people in severe physical pain, others emotional, spiritual pain. ALL VERY REAL. GOD is able to take that and work it for good in conforming us to the image of His dear Son -{Rom 8:29} and also to equip to make us “comforters” to those who are suffering -{Read 2 Cor 1:4}. God could remove the “thorn” But HE CHOSE NOT to and Paul said he gloried, as he realized, sufficient was the grace of Christ for him and in weakness the power of Christ was manifest! He had divine perspective and he continued on encouraging God’s people.- {Phil 1:14} and Evangelizing those in his sphere in the circumstances he found himself in -{ Read Phil 1:13; Eph 3:1}.

Upon reading this, you too may be in a place of PAIN! But like Paul you ask for Him to remove the “thorn,” but if not , Know  He has purpose and you can, though “shut in” are not “shut out” from advancing His Kingdom as there are people in your circumstances, whom you can PRAY FOR -{Phil 1:3-5} Evangelize- {v 13}- Encourage {v 14} and as Paul said “..this they did because of my imprisonment” His circumstances were his opportunity to invest in the lives of others!! As are yours and mine!

I received a note from someone very ill in hospital, and yet in it there was a “BUT GOD…” affording them opportunity to reach out amidst their pain!

If we wait until our circumstances are what we want, they may never be and we miss the people GOD has placed in our circumstances. We are “APPOINTED- strategically placed!

We are not “Appointed” for sin, but for the Savior’s Purposes!  So if you are Living in the place of known sin, that is not God’s best for you. Confess it to Him. Call it by it’s worst name,  turn from it and get out of there and in submission to the Savior you will find He will have you in the place, whatever that is, for His purposes “Appointed for the … Gospel!” to benefit OTHERS and Honor Him as you are being about HIS Business -{Read Phil 1:16}

Like the woman I met selling her goods at an airport store, she told me how she had reached out to another worker who did not believe in God, but they got to hear of Him from her and eventually went to hear at church of Him… she saw she was “appointed, assigned by God” to her place of employment for this other person. She was LOOKING OUTWARD! She realized she was “APPOINTED” with Divine Purpose in the circumstances she found herself in!