“And their sins and their iniquities (lawless deeds)
I will remember NO MORE.”-{Hebrews 10:17}

You just read the verse,
But we misread this verse and yet we come away with “their sins and iniquities I WILL REMEMBER…” We live this way because we leave out what He said when we omit these two words, “NO MORE!” Think of it, re read the verse and look at the way you wrongly THINK and have a false belief and therefore behave what you believe, when you embrace the LIE, “their sins and iniquities I WILL REMEMBER…”… And in doing so you and I misrepresent God and take His Name in vain, dishonor Him, by attributing to Him something He does not say to His own, when we do such! You have failed to believe the good news with the full sentence, that emphatically says “…NO MORE!”

How do you know you “Read, See But Don’t Believe?”
By the way you CHOOSE and it is a choice, to live!- You choose to allow yourself to live under condemnation and continuous guilt over past failures, sins and somehow “feel” you deserve to be “punished” and joyless, and at times depressed in the gloom of reading, seeing believing wrongly, by choosing to misrepresent God and the work of His dear Son, as though he says, “Their sins and their Iniquities I WILL REMEMBER…'” You live believing God is holding your sins OVER YOU! The Cross is powerless, The resurrection of the Lord Jesus having no influence. You may have lived under such a cloud for years and years and cannot overcome it, you “feel,” and wrong Thinking, Wrong “Feelings” leads to a wrong conclusion about God and who you are and what you have “In Christ!” This is where we take His Name in vain, as this is NOT TRUE OF HIM! Though we may not say so, but the way we live and behave shows we Believe it is so!

Re read the verse, word for word and believe His Word to you. – “And their {Put your Name Here} sins and their {Put Your name in here}  iniquities (lawless deeds) I will remember NO MORE.” This is His Promise for you and all believers! This is a promise to all who are His, who have repented and believed!

When the thoughts of guilt, condemnation come to mind, when past sins arise and seek to drown you under an avalanche of condemnation what are you to do? Take the Shield of Faith the Word of God and RECOGNIZE, REJECT it as it is not True of Him or you because of Him. REPLACE the lie with TRUTH. RELATE it to the LORD and see what His Word says and handle it accordingly. What does He say? He says ” Their sins {Your sins} their {Your} iniquities I will remember…NO MORE!!! ”  When The Thought comes to you, Continually Do this. This is RENEWING your mind! – {Rom 12:2}

Meditate on the verse and Him who gives the promise.

Thank Him, trust Him, Rejoice all of your sins His Son Bore on the cross and has erased them all, so He holds not one against you having held them all against His Son on the Cross and the resurrection is the PROOF He accepted the Finished work of the Son on your behalf!!!, “What a Friend we have in Jesus!!”

Receive it and believe it and share it…