There is a story told about George Mueller of Bristol England who, at one stage, had two thousand orphans under his care.  He looked to the heavenly Father to meet the needs of those children and the Father was faithful. On one occasion Mr. Mueller was traveling by ship to speak in Quebec Canada.  The captain announced that, because a dense fog had enveloped the ship they would not arrive in as scheduled in Quebec in three days when Mr. Mueller was scheduled to speak. Mueller went downstairs and began to pray. In a simple prayer he asked the Father, that if it would please Him, to lift the fog.

The captain was with him when he prayed and together they walked back up to the top of the ship. On the deck the captain marveled as the fog was gone. He looked at Mueller and Mueller said… “My eye was not on the density of the fog, but on the living God.”

In Isaiah chapter 6 Isaiah looked and saw the Lord Jesus high and exalted. He was upon the throne. In the midst of your circumstances lift your eyes a little higher and see that, on the throne, is the living God.

Sometimes we go through storms in life, don’t we? In Jonah chapter 1 verse 3, Jonah was in a storm because God was directing him. He had been going the wrong way and God was getting his attention. Sometimes we go through storms. James 1 tells us, because God is developing us. He says, “Count it all joy when you encounter various trials knowing the testing of your faith produces endurance and let endurance have its maturing work that you may be mature.

Sometimes God not only brings us through storms to direct us His way to develop us but it’s to display us. In Job chapter 1 satan had been wandering throughout the earth and God asked him where he had been. He said he had been walking to and fro… he was restless. Then God held up His servant Job and asked… “Have you considered my servant Job?”  He was putting him on display.

Sometimes God directs us in the storm, to go His way. Sometimes develops us through the storms. Sometimes God is displaying us in the storms. In all the storms, remember this beloved… sitting on the throne is the living God who rules and reigns.

Don’t look at the fog today, look at Him who rules and reigns above the fog of our circumstances and declare Him, the God of glory.