Hebrews 10:24-25

Going to a service and listening to music and someone preaching the Word {hopefully} on a Sunday morning is about the extent many feel “obligated” to do when it comes to “church.” But is that all “church” is, a meeting in some building once a week?

“A major survey of a cross section of Americans show that almost half (47 percent) agree that “the Bible does not command people to attend church; that is a man made requirement.” Is this True or false? What do you Say? More importantly What does God say about it?

This message looks at 4 Reasons God gives for His people to assemble together, “Why Go to church and what to do when you get there?” will give you not only GOD’S REASONS for assembling together, but GOD’S ROLE for YOU when you assemble with His people – the church!

An exciting and invigorating perspective from Gods Word in this message, “Why go to church (and What to do when you get there). Be prepared to be encouraged challenged, strengthened and have your perspective changed from over 47 percent of Americans view of “church!”