1 Corinthians 13:1-8

A few months after my dad had died, my mom came to visit. We did not tell our children and when she came that evening they were all excited, lots of hugs and kisses. I picked up her camera to capture the moment and took many pictures of the embraces. The Following morning she informed me that there was no film in the camera I had used, “I was shooting blanks!” Paul tells the church at Corinth that without Love they are “Nothing” and it “profited them nothing” from God’s perspective!

This message looks at how Love Behaves, how to know what love is, how it behaves, and how to test ourselves in order that we might ensure that our lives are counting and that we¬†are giving evidence that we are disciples of the Lord Jesus – through our lives lived and marked by love, lest we too end up “shooting blanks.”