Hebrews 12:1-3

Often in the course of this life we become weary, exhausted and lose heart, we faint spiritually. How can we prevent becoming weary and spiritually exhausted? The writer of Hebrews encourages the followers of the Lord Jesus not to grow weary and lose heart. The two verbs, ” To Grow weary ” and “to lose heart” were both used of runners who relax and collapse after they had passed the finishing post-utterly exhausted! “To Grow weary” is to become so Discouraged you draw back because of the amount of difficulties.

The people he writes to were still running the Christian race but were becoming discouraged and losing heart. Have you ever felt that way? How can we prevent becoming weary, and spiritually exhausted and wanting to give up; as we look at the suffering of others, or in the midst of doing good and seeing no immediate return for our labors, or when under great pressures, both culturally and internally, when the obstacles seem too big, when tempted to give up and withdraw.

This message is ENCOURAGEMENT for Gods people, those who are weary, but more importantly to shine hope and encouragement into their hearts – “How to endure when you feel like giving up.”