“No pain – no gain” has been a popular phrase often used by athletes, coaches, those who work out, etc. When God is making a man or woman of faith, He uses several ingredients to spiritually strengthen His children which, at times, it can be painful and indeed… perplexing.

“What is God doing?” “If God loved me, why is life so hard at times?” can be the cry or protest of the heart. In this message we look at some of the means God uses to strengthen His people spiritually and mature them.

A healthy and fit athlete didn’t get there by sitting on the sofa watching, but by participating. Often alone, away from the spotlight, they have been in training and what we witness is the byproduct of much effort, concentration and discipline towards their goal.

In this message we will look at some of the tools God uses towards His goal – making us Christ-like in our way of thinking and living. Being able to assess life from God’s Word as we live life in “God’s Gymnasium”