Psalms 103:1-5

David arises and speaks to himself by way of reminder of God’s great blessings towards him. With gratitude he exclaims with all that is within him…”bless the Lord.”

No matter where or what is going on in your life… hurt, grief, sadness bewilderment or even if things are going smoothly, no one can take these five blessings from you and nobody can hinder you from “BLESSING THE LORD,” except you!

Life becomes so burdensome at times, indeed even “boring” when we focus on ourselves. How can we break free from ingratitude and being side tracked so that we give God the homage He deserves? How can we keep our mind from wandering and break the cycle of constant complaining which many of us have adopted as a way of life?

Listen and learn to speak the truth to yourselves as you “bless the Lord.”