If you knew how long you had left to live, what difference would it make to you?

I shared with a man who called me and was dying. He told me first that He was “on his way to Heaven!” He then asked how should he live his days out? I shared with him to keep Loving God and others. I told him also about  “A 100 year plan,” a few friends and I speak about. What it refers to is, in 100 years would you make the same decisions you are making now, or would you make different ones, in light of the effect they would have in eternal matters? Too many of us live as though we live here forever, and life is all about the here and now, as though there is no day coming when we will depart this world.

The Bible speaks of followers of Christ as, “aliens and strangers” whose “citizenship is in Heaven” who are to “set/fix their affections on things above ,” -{ 1 Peter 2:11; Col 3:2-3}

Do you live as an Alien and stranger in this world?

Do you make your decisions based in light of eternity?

Do you fix your affections on things above?

Do you live as a “citizenship of Heaven”?

“IN CHRIST,” you and me are both on our way to Heaven, one man realized it and became bolder in his sharing the Gospel, and is now in eternity. My friend today knows he is on his way and as he said “wants to take as many with him as he can….” he has an eternal perspective- this is what a “100 year vision” is…it is to live life in light of eternity, and make decisions based on eternity !


Ask God to awaken you if you are not so to the reality -you will die…you do not know the hour He does.  Are you living as though one day perhaps you too will receive the news you are on your way to Heaven and may not have as much times as you think…time to consider your life, pursuits, purposes, agendas…and how many are of eternal worth in a 100 years from now?

PS.- Since I wrote this my friend is in the presence of the LORD Jesus. He shared with people wherever he went, whether hospital,using his circumstances as means to further the Gospel, Doctors, restaurants, his business. He was using his circumstances as means to further the Gospel. As Paul wrote, “…I want you to know my circumstances have worked out to Advance The Gospel.” -{Phil 1:12}

He was constantly alert to the welfare of the souls of people! Living in light of eternity!